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Buyer Removal of Equipment. Buyers are responsible for contacting the seller atleast 24 hours before picking up a purchase, having the proper Transportation Authorization document when arriving to collect a purchase, loading and shipping the Equipment for transportation, unless otherwise noted in the Equipment listing. The Seller agrees to have the Equipment available for collection by the Buyer or its agent, complete with ignition key (if applicable), no later than one (1) business day after the conclusion of the sale for the item of Equipment. Buyer may remove the Equipment from the Posted Location once the sale Price (and any applicable taxes and fees) has been received into the Designated Client Account. If a Buyer has not removed the Equipment from the Posted Location within eight (8) business days after the close of the sale for the item of Equipment, a Buyer will be responsible for directly paying the Seller any and all storage fees if levied by the Seller.

Notice to Buyer. Salem KKHC Exporters may deem Buyer's failure to claim property within sixty (60) days following a final sales transaction to be evidence of Buyer's intent to abandon the property. Where Buyer fails to claim property within sixty (60) days following a final sales transaction, Salem KKHC Exporters may take action that is adverse to Buyer's interest in the property, including but not limited to any appropriate steps under the law to dispose of the property. Disposition of the property may consist of a public auction or some other means. Once the item sells, KKHC will withhold 25% of the sale price, or $2000, whichever is greater, to cover KKHC administrative and sale execution costs, plus additional proceeds will be withheld to cover any outstanding sales taxes. The remaining proceeds will be provided to the original seller to be applied toward storage, insurance, maintenance, and administrative costs.

Freight and Transportation. The Buyer is responsible for all freight, shipping and other costs related to transporting the Equipment from the Posted Location, including but not limited to any costs associated with certificates and/or permits required to move the Equipment within or across state, province and/or country borders. Buyers are advised to have all such certificates and permits issued and completed prior to transporting the Equipment; otherwise Buyer may be subject to clearing, permit, and/or other payments if the Equipment is stopped and held at a port of entry to a state, province or country. All Buyers, regardless of their chosen transportation arrangement, must submit all necessary delivery and carrier selection information to the Site prior to picking-up the Equipment in order to generate Equipment release documents. Sellers shall not release and Buyers may not transport the Equipment until full payment (including any applicable taxes and Fees) has been received into the Designated Client Account.


The buyer must assume complete responsibility of the item purchased and left at the location at his own risk. The buyer agrees that in the event of failure to obtain any coverage of insurance to cover all natural calamities, theft, fire or any other damages including god of acts will be his or her full responsibility and seller has no responsibility after the 7 days of sale so affected and payment is fully received.


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